воскресенье, 11 декабря 2016 г.

I have gotten this family device itself, since her husband's home appliances and even "scent" is better, but a heavy hand. Quickly break down purchases that he chooses.

For me the choice was decisive in favor of the low prices and the presence of the container. Before him, we had Vitek since 2006, so you can splurge on bags. In the last 2 years I stopped buying them at all, but simply shakes tissue. In severe cases, it washed under the tap.

As a result, it turned gray, dilapidated, and ordered to live long. And I realized that it is time to buy new equipment, and to say goodbye to the old.

When buying, I thought that I would get something magical, the family budget-saving and harvesting the creative miracles. And in fact, even without dust bag, but an ordinary vacuum cleaner, though pretty.

Frankly, the Soviet Buran or Whirlwind were better at work, only that the design they had Lubkov, bulky. And this is quite so pretty and small.

Power is weak, in my opinion, 1600 W. We have apartment is small, just right. But if they remove more than 3 rooms, near the end considerably weaker darling.

The stronger the container is filled, the lower the power. Alas.

Brush standard. A small lever, 2 positions - rug / carpet. That is, with or without brush. On the opposite side of a silicone stopper. I do not know what is its role. Smile seems to debris from a certain area on running away.

Capacity to collect a little dust on just 1.3 liters. I often shake it, as already mentioned, the vacuum cleaner operates at less filled container.

It is possible and rinse under running water, if heavily soiled. Just back to the nest it is necessary to dry paste.

Underneath the foam and the filter that should be cleaned from time too time.

On the handle housing. In the up position, you can carry the vacuum cleaner for it, and if to press down, it works as a lever for the automatic twisting the cord into the cabinet. In fact, many models are equipped with such a mechanism.

Cord length, by the way. 6 meters. Pipe plain, as in almost all models. Not plastic. It looks like a metal, but some thin.

Frankly, I do not understand what Samsungi vacuum cleaners are better than others, but I have almost all the familiar voice advised in this particular brand. And also a consultant at the store in the first place led on a tour of it to them.

On the one star I was disappointed. I would like a little more power. Regulator not. And the trouble with clog foam above the filter is not much less than I had washed woven dust bag with Vitek. And now as I rinse and dry land, just another little thing.

But I pay tribute to its compactness. A lot of places do not take, and easily fits in the bottom drawer bedside table, where we had kept the shoes. Just remove the tube with the brush in the closet next.

Of all the vacuum cleaners that I used, it is the easiest and fidgety.

Yes, and no bag is more convenient - you can even go out on the street is not, and simply pour the contents of the container in any old bag and tie the top, so as not to scatter.

For the price and quality, in principle.